At the rupture of equilibrium between a body of snow’s weight and its own support, an avalanche begins. In just a matter of seconds, the entire horizon can be engulfed by a thick, shimmery white veil.

The increasing time we spend online is overloading us with ideas, possibilities, and distractions, while simultaneously the Earth is filling up with disposable waste, leading us closer to a toppling or breaking point. Technology has accelerated at an unprecedented rate, placing both younger and older generations in and at the precipice of an Avalanche, a tense position we must collectively investigate to find solutions.

With this idea in mind, Colin Frank, collector of sounding objects and I, collector of sound objects,  have decided to join our two worlds to explore and express the imaginary and poetics of avalanches. In composition, this manifests for example as compulsive accumulation of sounds, ideas, experiences, moments, wanders. Allying this with the percussion discipline, we are bound to see accumulations of material sounding objects, used and tried and manipulated in an infinite manner of ways.

In some ways, I believe music is born from an overload of informations, ideas, energies. At some point, the sound banks want to burst and ideas seem to almost scream to be heard.

Not only accumulating ideas and sounding objects, this piece is also rich in environmental discoveries and samples: there will be a multiplicity of dimensions proper to our actual era of information. A multiplicity of languages, of infrastructures, of acoustics and of larger rhythms. The harmonious and the less harmonious blends of cultures and disparate elements together make or break the equilibrium and the avalanche.


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