As an artist, Vanessa Massera is fascinated by the manifestations of serendipity in life. Originating from Montréal, she specialised in electroacoustic music, a medium she now uses as a means to express poetic ideas whilst being anchored in the many different spaces and cultural environments she is inspired by. Her works have been performed amongst others at the ZKM (DE), NWEAMO Festival (JP/US), EMUFest (IT), Miso Music (PT), NYCEMF (US), TES (CA), Ai-Maako (CL), FRST (SE), MOKS (EE) and one of her latest works has received the JTTP Canadian Electroacoustic Award. She now works in Stockholm as a freelance composer and performer. Having a strong background in literature and a lifelong interest in symbolism, cosmology and mythology, Vanessa has also studied these fields for years before deciding to go professional and start her own astrology practice.