April 14, 2019

♃ Jupiter — GROWTH 💗

Let's talk about JUPITER! It's an expansive, gas-filled planet, by far the biggest of them all, with an extreme gravitational pull. It has even been theorised that Jupiter is a…
April 10, 2019

♂ Mars — Outward Motion 😤

Hello fellow admirers of the skies! In this series, I discuss 10 different planets and unveil some of their secret powers in shaping some of our most fundamental needs. So…
February 27, 2019

♀︎ Venus — Harmony 💕

Here's 4th, *magical and creative*, wanderer: Venus! Planet of Beauty & The senses. That includes love, pleasure, æsthetics, harmony. When the Ancient first noticed Venus in the sky, they called…
February 21, 2019

☿ Mercury — Ideas & Inspiration 💡

Hello fellow admirers of the skies! In this series, I discuss 10 different planets and unveil some of their secret powers in shaping some of our most fundamental needs, and…
February 21, 2019

☽ The Moon — The Soul 🌙

Hi there! In this series, I discuss 10 different planets and unveil some of their secret powers in shaping some of our most fundamental needs, and now it's time to…
February 20, 2019

☉ The Sun — Identity & Life’s Purpose 🌞

Hi and welcome to the Millennial Astrologer's brand new blog! My name is Vanessa and I've always been interested in mythology, symbolism and the powerful, magical and mysterious ways of…
January 23, 2018


At the rupture of equilibrium between a body of snow's weight and its own support, an avalanche begins. In just a matter of seconds, the entire horizon can be engulfed…
September 11, 2017


“Real art is that which does not seem to be art”. This sentence by François Juste (1) fascinates me as much as it seems to be in itself an artistic…
August 12, 2017

Éclats de Feux @ ZKM

Gilles Gobeil Sous l’écorce des pierres – promenade Sat, 12.08.2017 8 pm, ZKM_Cube Description Acousmatic works interpreted by Canadian composer Gilles Gobeil After a three-week residence at the ZKM | IMA,…
July 28, 2017

Konst:it Debut Performance: Concert Review

On the last week-end of May, Konstmusiksystrar held the first Ljud och Genus festivalen  at Atalante, Gothenburg. Konstmusiksystrar have taken for mandate to support emerging female and trans sound and art music artists. The…
June 9, 2017

NØ BOUNDS Sheffield 2017

Our launch event on June 9th is going to be a very special 18 hours of music, art, technology and dancing! Over 2 venues and a total of 6 performance…
May 27, 2017

Atalante Göteborg 2017

Ljud- & genusfestivalen är den första festivalen Konstmusiksystrar producerar i Göteborg. De är en förening för trans, icke-binära och kvinnor inom ljudkonst och konstmusik. Föreningen arbetar med arrangörsföreningar, kursverksamhet, konserter och…
May 17, 2017

Perdidos en el Espacio

Tanta música nueva tan breva la existencía para darse cuenta… But Jaime Baeza has been challenging that equation for over 21 years now! Tune in to his eclectic weekly show,…
May 5, 2017

SJ Sheffield May 2017

Cinema for the ear - electronic music that transcends barriers! Join us to investigate the frontiers of contemporary electronic music, with an immersive experience of three-dimensional sound; unbound by pitch…
April 15, 2017

GroundSwell Broadcast

GroundSwell Radio with John Wiens Mon. 15 Apr. 2017 @ 14h00 on CKUW 95.9 FM (Winnipeg MB) John Wiens closes off a quartet of JTTP 2016 events in western Canada in spring 2017 with a…
April 7, 2017

CMMAS Morelia 2017

¡HOY! Ven al CMMAS al CONCIERTO de ganadores de la convocatoria Jeu de temps / Times Play (JTTP), emitida por la Canadian Electroacoustic Community, y escucha cómo suena la nueva…
March 24, 2017

Expansive Prairie Skies

Fri. 24 Mar. 2017 @ 02h00 on UMFM 101.5 FM (Winnipeg MB) Opening up a trio of JTTP 2016 broadcasts out of Winnipeg, Michael Elves’ interview with CEC Admin jef chippewa about the project and…
March 24, 2017

Thank God it’s Free Range!

Fri. 24 Mar. 2017 @ 18h30 on UMFM 101.5 FM (Winnipeg MB) On the second in a trio of JTTP 2016 broadcasts out of Winnipeg, Michael Elves interviews CEC Admin jef chippewa about this annual…
March 24, 2017

JTTP @ Boca del Lupo

Boca del Lupo, the CEC’s newest JTTP Project Partner, invites you to come out for a concert presentation of the winning works from JTTP 2016. Coordinated by the Canadian Electroacoustic…
March 23, 2017

DINA Sheffield 2017

In addition to our regular Sound Junction concerts, here we present the second in a series of Sound Junction Satellite events. These concerts aim to present electroacoustic music in a…
March 14, 2017

InTIME Coventry 2017

Coventry University Music Research: Concert & Forum March 14, 2017 16:00 – 18:00 Coventry University – The Tank Studio
January 25, 2017

EMS Jan 2017

Composition Residency 25 - 31 Jan 2017
January 21, 2017

FRST Visby 2017

FRST – EN ELEKTROAKUSTISK DAG I VINTERMÖRKRET FRST is a yearly recurrent mini-festival of electro-acoustic music arranged by VICC, Gotland School of Music Composition and Audiorama in collaboration with Gotland Art…
January 4, 2017

Noche Blanca Chile 2017

La Noche Blanca - Nueve horas de música electroacústica Uno de los eventos más atractivos de la agenda musical capitalina es la Noche Blanca, el concierto nocturno y de largo…
December 19, 2016


19 Dec. 2016 @ 22h00 on UNDAE! Radio / Radio Círculo (Madrid, Spain) ¡Para nuestros escuchadores que hablan español! The UNDAE! team in Madrid offers one more JTTP broadcast before the new year.…
December 9, 2016

JTTP @ Foldover

Foldover with Tom Lopez Thu. 8 Dec. 2016 @ 17h00 on WOBC 91.5 FM (Oberlin OH) The JTTP 2016 broadcasts continue this week with composer Tom Lopez down in Oberlin, Ohio. He will present the…
November 22, 2016

EMS Nov 2016

Composition Residency 23 Nov - 1 Dec 2016
November 21, 2016

Acoustic Frontiers

Mon. 21 Nov. 2016 @ 12h30 on CKCU 93.1 FM (Ottawa ON) Ralph Hopper is one of our most long-standing JTTP Partners, and has always been a staunch supporter of all things CEC. We invite…
November 13, 2016

NWEAMO Tokyo 2016

«I’m pleased to announce that NWEAMO Festival Tokyo 2016 will be presented as part of JSSA Music Festival 2016 at Koen Dori Classics in Shibuya, Tokyo on November 12 and…
October 12, 2016

JTTP @ Electric Sense

Wed. 12 Oct. 2016 @ 23h00 on CIUT 89.5 FM (Toronto ON) And James Bailey jumps in to do us the honour of kicking off the JTTP 2016 broadcast season! Tune in to his eclectic…