SOUND ARTIST/PERFORMER. Composer of SAGASTAD Museum Soundscape. Co-Producer at QC/Nordic Cooperation Project Discussing Diversity. Co-Producer of UNM Festival 2019 in Piteå (SE) // Board Member at UNM (SE) // Board Member at Konstmusiksystrar (SE) // Board Member at Sound of Stockholm (SE).

Vanessa Massera, PhD (b. 1987/Montréal) specialised in electroacoustic music, a medium she now uses as a means to express poetic ideas whilst being anchored in the many different spaces and cultural environments she is inspired by. Her works have been performed amongst others at the ZKM (DE), NWEAMO Festival (JP/US), EMUFest (IT), Miso Music (PT), NYCEMF (US), TES (CA), Ai-Maako (CL), FRST (SE), MOKS (EE), with Éclats de Feux receiving the JTTP Canadian Electroacoustic Award. In 2019, she received her PhD at the University of Sheffield with the practice-based research subject Environment in Electroacoustic Music.




17.08.2020/31.08.2020. Suena Así Festival (Radio Edition) / Border Crossing

Tampere, Finland: UNM Festival Organisation


Ultima Festival, Symposium Discussing Diversity Publication

November (????)

Stockholm, Sweden:  Sound of Stockholm Organisation Postponed

2021 (????)

February: Montréal Nouvelles Musiques, Nuit Blanche, Symposium
Farœ Islands: Nordic Music Days, Think Tank




Matralab/Concordia: Talk, Montréal CA


12.03.2020. Soundwich @ CMM/Akousma /An Almost Abstract Experience, Border Crossing


Residency / VICC, Visby Gotland
Guest Seminarium / Tonsättarskolan


Creative Residency at VICC, Visby Sweden
Performance at Stockholms Konserthuset during Svensk Musikvår / Exercitium
Completion of PhD at The University of Sheffield


Sound Design Environment for Sagastad Museum in Nordfjordeid, Norway


Co-production of UNM Festival / Piteå


Residency / Arctic Wave Vesterålen, Norway


Lecture and Concert in Piteå & Luleå, Sweden
Participation at GRINM Conference, Zürich Switzerland
Organisation of Sound of Stockholm, Sweden


Talk / VEMS, EMS monthly Bollplank


Knutpunkt, Lund / Border Crossing LARP sound design
ToBeContinued Live Stream / Collaboration with Tuulikki Bartosik


Stockholms Kulturnatt, Fylkingen / Avalanche


Eurofolk Festival, Moscow / Collaboration with Tuulikki Bartosik

June through August

GuteLjaudKarte 2018 – Kyrkorna, Gotland / An Almost Abstract Experience


UNM Festival, Bergen / Éclats de Feux


Sound Junction, Sheffield / Exercitium arithmeticæ occultum nascientis se numerare animi
ZKM, Karlsruhe / Éclats de Feux
Nø Bounds, Trafalgar Warehouse Sheffield / Éclats de Feux
Ljud & Genus Festivalen, Göteborg / An almost abstract experience
Perdidos en el Espacio, Santiago de Chile / Éclats de Feux
Sound Junction, Sheffield / An almost abstract experience
GroundSwell Broadcast, Winnipeg / Éclats de Feux
CMMAS Morelia, Mexico / Éclats de Feux
Expansive Prairie Skies, Winnipeg / Éclats de Feux
Thank God it’s Free Range!, Winnipeg / Éclats de Feux
Boca del Lupo, Vancouver / Éclats de Feux
Sound Junction Satellite, DINA Sheffield / An almost abstract experience
InTIME, Coventry, UK / Éclats de Feux
NWEAMO Festival, San Diego, USA / Toreutique
Composition Residency, Stockholm / EMS
FRST Festival, Visby Sweden / An almost abstract experience
Noche Blanca (Ai-Maako), Santiago de Chile / Dremen


UNDÆ! Radio Broadcast, Madrid / Éclats de Feux
Foldover Radio Broadcast, Oberlin Ohio / Éclats de Feux
Composition Residency, Stockholm / EMS
Acoustic Frontiers, Ottawa / Éclats de Feux
NWEAMO Festival, Tokyo Japan / Toreutique
EMUFest, Roma Italia / Éclats de Feux
Electric Sense, Toronto / Éclats de Feux
Artist Residency, Visby Sweden / VICC
Presentation at Concordia University, Montréal / Éclats de Feux
2nd place at JTTP / Éclats de Feux
Artist Residency, Mooste Estonia / MoKS
Miso Music, Lisbon Portugal / Éclats de Feux
Audiovisual Arts Festival, Corfu Greece / Éclats de Feux
Sound Junction, Sheffield UK / Éclats de Feux
The Lake Radio, Denmark / Wrathful Vine


Stage d’interprétation spatialisée, Musiques & Recherches, Bruxelles
Analysis: Espace / Escape, CIRCUIT Musiques Contemporaines, UdeM
EMS Network conference in Sheffield / Organisation & performance of Wrathful Vine
Sound as Being, Lancaster University / Wrathful Vine
Places we go — Places we’re from (Transatlantic tour, NAISA) / Wrathful Vine
NYCEMF, New York / Wrathful Vine
Sonorities, Belfast / Dremen
MANTIS Festival + NAISA, Manchester UK / Wrathful Vine


Sound Junction, Sheffield UK / Dremen
NAISA SOUNDplay, Toronto / Wrathful Vine
Started PhD research at The University of Sheffield
The CSUF Festival and the World Electro-Acoustic Listening Room (WEALR) / Bora & Wrathful Vine
OUVREZ GRAND VOS OREILLES, Saint-Laurent / Wrathful Vine


Master’s completed, prize with distinction: Conservatoire de musique de Montréal
Honorary Mention: Destellos / Toreutique
Liverpool, UK. Music since 1900 Conference / Bora
Composer’s Workshop Residency at NAISA: soundscape and coding with Barry Truax and David Ogborn
Toronto, CA. T.E.S. (Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium), Sound Travels, Wireless9 / Bora Belfast, Northern Ireland. Sonorities / Bora


CEC / Cache 2012 / Toreutique, released on compliation CD
Leeds, UK. iFIMPaC / Toreutique
Madrid, Spain. UNDÆ! / Toreutique


Santiago & Valdivia, Chile. Ai-Maako / Toreutique
Bachelor’s degree completed / Conservatoire de musique de Montréal